Galvanic water
treatment worldwide

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your AQUABION® partner wherever you live.

patented active anode technology.

Clogged pipes and calcified expensive fittings, household appliances, washing machines or dishwashers cause
costly damage in households and to appliances. The AQUABION® is a modern and environmentally friendly
water treatment system – completely without external power connection, regular maintenance,
no chemicals and no magnets. The AQUABION® does not make water soft!

AQUABION® the galvanic self-cleaning
environmentally friendly water treatment system.

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Over the last years we have achieved and completed many water
treatment projects worldwide - which all have one thing in common:
They all base on innovative ideas and products - and open up further
business opportunities especially for efficient and environmentally
friendly solutions within the field of watertreatment. Meanwhile
more than 50.000 AQUABION® systems worldwide are proof for
our ambition for first class engineering and technical reliability.

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